Learning Activity 5-B-1

I enjoyed engaging in the refelcti0nal symmetry activity; it was very similar to the reflection activities my students complete in class.  I particularly liked the open-ended question at the bottom of the page.  For example, usually my students complete exercises that require them to reflect over the X and the Y axis.  However, I liked how this activity had students reflect over the Y-Axis first, then engage in higher-order thinking to consider what would happen if they reflected over the  X-axis.

A nice extension of this lesson would require students to identify the new coordinates after completing their reflections.  It would be a nice way to assess student’s understanding of reading coordinates.  Additionally, assuming they write the new coordinates correctly, they could compare and contrast the coordinates to discover the rules for reflecting over the X & Y axis.  This is a lesson I would definitely incorporate into my class.  However, I would modify it even further, and have students write the open-ended response in the journals, prior to reflecting the images over the X-axis.


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  1. bcurrey
    Jul 07, 2012 @ 17:43:44

    Hi Nichol, Great idea to have students write the ordered pairs of the corresponding vertices! Having them write a reflection of this activity in their journals will also be a valuable way to incorporate the vocabulary as well. Beth


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