Exploring Additional Resources

One of the topics reviewed during the course was transformations.  Below is a list of useful websites devoted to the topic.


This site is useful because it has lessons on identifying, visualizing and  composing transformations.  I would use this site to have students explore the interactive applets and answer the reflection questions associated with the lessons.  It’s a great way to infuse technology into the lesson.


This site is useful because it allows students to investigate the result of performing a specific transformation.  Like the site listed above, there is an interactive applet that allows students to transform a figure eight different ways.  It’s an ideal site for lower-level students to explore.


This site is useful because it allows students to investigate the three main transformations (reflections, rotations, translations).  The site provides definitions and visuals for all three transformations, as well as interactive activities and review questions at the bottom of each page.  It is a great source for an introductory lesson.


This site has interactive graphs that allow students to explore transformations and experiment with different initial conditions.  Students can manipulate points within the graph to make predictions and draw conclusions.  There are also fun activities, quizzes and test associated with each type of transformation.  I would use this site to asses student’s understanding of transformations.








Additional Resources Shared By My Peers